Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not Long Enough

Is it just me or does it seem like no weekend is long enough? This past weekend started early for me because of having Friday off but by Sunday it didn't even seem like I had Friday off. Jesse and I decided to go to my grandparents on Friday and print up our invitations. My grandfather is really good with the computer and has a really neat printer that prints some sort of wax. Well it looks really professional so he offered to print all the invitations for me. Jesse and I went over and had to come up with exactly what we wanted it to say and font and size and all of that. Anyways the invitations came out wonderful, I am so excited to send them out! Then on Friday we also got an e-mail from the photographer who took our Engagement pictures. He had uploaded them to a website and we got to see them. He takes amazing pictures and he had them uploaded in less than a week! So the pictures came out perfect and usually I hate pictures of myself but I actually like these and am excited to use one of them on our Save the Date. So Friday although we had the day off was a lot of work. I'm telling you planning a wedding is like a secong job.
We decided to have a quiet night on Friday and watch a movie, "He's just not that into you" this movie was sooo funny, I highly recommend it. We had to stop in the middle though because Jesse's mom called and said that someone had hit their camper that is parked outside of her house on the street. We were not really sure what she meant but literally a couple was drinking and driving and hit the camper and smashed it to pieces. I haven't uploaded pictures in awhile but when I do I will add some of this also, they are not hurt thank God but it was really scary and they really could have been hurt or hurt someone else.
We also had to drop Ella off for her surgery on Friday morning and pick her up on Saturday morning so all Friday night I worried about if she was okay. My sister did the surgery so I knew that was okay but I worried about her being all alone during the night. She is fine though, I will post some new pictures of her too! So the weekend ended really fast and then yesterday was Chevy's 5th Birthday. I can't beleive I have had him that long now. It is funny how animals really become part of the family, as if they were human. Well Happy Birthday to him, and hopefully this week speeds by!

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