Friday, June 26, 2009

Master Bedroom

I've never done one of these before and I only have two pictures, but I guess I have to start somewhere. This is our master bedroom and I just love it. We took down the metal doors on the closets and put up curtains which I absolutely love and gives us tons of room. Also Jesse installed hardwood floor and we got rid of the old carpet. This is really probably my favorite room in the whole house. Also the furniture, we didn't have any idea of what we want randomly when we were not looking we found it. I just love the shuttered look, it shows up in lots of places throughout the house. Next time hopefully I will have more pictures!!! Happy Friday!!! Oh and there is Chevy in the middle of the bed, he thinks he owns it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not Long Enough

Is it just me or does it seem like no weekend is long enough? This past weekend started early for me because of having Friday off but by Sunday it didn't even seem like I had Friday off. Jesse and I decided to go to my grandparents on Friday and print up our invitations. My grandfather is really good with the computer and has a really neat printer that prints some sort of wax. Well it looks really professional so he offered to print all the invitations for me. Jesse and I went over and had to come up with exactly what we wanted it to say and font and size and all of that. Anyways the invitations came out wonderful, I am so excited to send them out! Then on Friday we also got an e-mail from the photographer who took our Engagement pictures. He had uploaded them to a website and we got to see them. He takes amazing pictures and he had them uploaded in less than a week! So the pictures came out perfect and usually I hate pictures of myself but I actually like these and am excited to use one of them on our Save the Date. So Friday although we had the day off was a lot of work. I'm telling you planning a wedding is like a secong job.
We decided to have a quiet night on Friday and watch a movie, "He's just not that into you" this movie was sooo funny, I highly recommend it. We had to stop in the middle though because Jesse's mom called and said that someone had hit their camper that is parked outside of her house on the street. We were not really sure what she meant but literally a couple was drinking and driving and hit the camper and smashed it to pieces. I haven't uploaded pictures in awhile but when I do I will add some of this also, they are not hurt thank God but it was really scary and they really could have been hurt or hurt someone else.
We also had to drop Ella off for her surgery on Friday morning and pick her up on Saturday morning so all Friday night I worried about if she was okay. My sister did the surgery so I knew that was okay but I worried about her being all alone during the night. She is fine though, I will post some new pictures of her too! So the weekend ended really fast and then yesterday was Chevy's 5th Birthday. I can't beleive I have had him that long now. It is funny how animals really become part of the family, as if they were human. Well Happy Birthday to him, and hopefully this week speeds by!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Engagement

I really want this blog to record the wedding planning and all parts of Jesse and I starting our life together so I think that it is important for me to go back to February 14th and explain the engagement. So here it goes...

Jesse bought a house in November of 2007, a house which he wanted my opinion on everything, very strange because I wasn't moving in, but he was including me on everything. So over the next year we renovated each room of this house and on every decision he wanted it to be a joint decision. Well in the back of my mind this meant that he eventually wanted me there with him. On February 14th this happened!!! A couple of weeks before Valentine's Day, I asked Jesse if he wanted me to make reservations somewhere. He is a wonderful guy, however, making reservations is not one of his strong points. He told me that it was taken care of, and I was like yea sure that means he totally forgot but is just trying to cover it up. I let the converstaion go and two days before Valentine's I asked again, do you want me to try to get us a reservation, and again I got the response, it is already taken care of. So now I started to get a little suspicious and a million things started going through my mind.

So the day before Jesse told me that he had stuff to do on the morning and afternoon of Valentine's and that I needed to go home, which at this point I was living down the road with my parents, so I was a little upset that he wouldn't want to spend the day with me but I let it go and went home and hung out with my mom. We decided to go shopping and get some errands done and then Jesse called and told me he would pick me up around 5pm to take me to dinner. I got all dressed up and was so excited to see what was going on. I still had no idea because it just didn't seem like he had the time beforehand to get a ring and all of that. Little did I know but he had been going out at work everyday for lunch on the hunt for the perfect ring.

He came to get me and of course Chevy came to and I thought we were just dropping Chevy off at his house so that we could go out, however, when we got in the door I realized this was not the plan. There was dinner cooking, flowers everywhere, a table decorated and set for two. It was so cute I really thought it was all a dream. He made me crab cakes, salad, potatoes, and a NY cheesecake from scratch, what an amazing guy. So when we first got there I noticed a JUICY bag sitting on the table and this completely through me off. After seeing it I thought for awhile about what I had said that I wanted from that store and couldn't think of a thing. I figured he must have picked something out himself, so now I was completely sure nothing was going to happen. Well usually I get to open my presents first because Jesse has a hard time keeping anything a secret, but this time he said I had to wait till after dinner.

Ok, So dinner was over and he started doing the dishes and I was like, what the heck is going on? Then out of nowhere he was like, I have to go to the bathroom, and he ran upstairs. I was worried abotu him because he looked like he was going to be sick. He was up there for what seemed like forever and then I saw him coming down the stairs and he had a funny face. So the whole bathroom thing was completely phony, he was really upstairs getting the ring and preparing himself, haha, so cute. So then he came down and gave me my gift. So inside the JUICY bag was a juicy charm that looked like a envelope and on the inside of it, which I didn't even realize at first that it opened, was a little note that said I Love You! and then he said, flip it over and on the other side he had made a sticker that said "Will you Marry Me?". It was so perfect and then he got down on his knee and Chevy came over and put his head on Jesse's knee, and it was so perfect I didn't believe it was really happening. And then I said YES!!!!

So I'm going to attach a few pictures from that night, it was truely one of the best days of my life.

My Friday

Jesse, Me, Chevy, and Baby Ella

Kelly Before She got so Sick

Jenny(my sister), Scott, and Jaden

So, today is my Friday because I have every other Friday off at work. I'm so happy I can say that this week is almost over. Yesterday evening was good Jesse and I went and picked up some stuff that we found on FreeCycle, honestly this is the greatest website ever. People put things on there that they don't want or need anymore and then whoever gets to if first gets the items. Last night we picked up a treadmill, a rocking chair, and some bar stools. I'm going to refinish the rocking chair and the bar stools and then they will be just like brand new, except completely FREE!!!! I have to make a trip to Home Depot tonight to get some spray paint and other little items to start working on these new finds!!!
On another note I keep thinking back to last Friday and can't believe that it has already been a week since we had to put our family dog, Kelly, to sleep. It was definitely one of the worst experiences ever. She was 14 years old and around a month before my sister, who is a vet, found that she had cancer around her heart and a bunch of other masses on other organs. She was suffering and the best thing for her was to not let her suffer any longer, but it was the hardest decision for the family to make. We have had her for so long and none of us really remember life without her. Anyways I hope she is in a better place now and no longer hurting. I think I have a picture that I will add. At least since my sister is a Vet, Kelly got to die peacefully in her home, I don't think we could have asked for much more. This also is truely a blessing because my two puppies get VIP treatment. My little Ella has to have surgery tomorrow morning, so that she can't have babies and I'm so much more comfortable knowing my sister will be doing the surgery and will watch over her while she recovers.
I added a picture of our family, the family dog, and my sister and her family. This is it for now but I'm loving this blogging thing so I'm sure I'll be back soon!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Post!!!!

I'm starting this blog because there are so many things going on between the wedding, the new puppy, family, work, and it being summertime. I don't want to forget anything and I want to keep everyone updated that I do not get to talk to on a regular basis. The wedding is coming along great, we are going to be working on invitations on Friday with my Grandfather and Grandmother and I am so excited to see how the first couple turn out. I have started to get all the boxes organized so that each one holds the decorations for two of the reception tables. I also have been spray painting and putting together other ideas for decorations in the reception hall. We had a cake tasting with the women that usually does the cakes for the place that we are getting married at, however, we are trying a couple others because we are not sure she is exactly who we want yet.
The puppy is absolutely wonderful, she will be five months on July 5th. I can't believe how big she has gotten since we picked her up at the airport in April. I am going to try to add a picture, ahh my first one, let's see how it works. Okay well I got it to work but I can't figure out how to move it down so it is at the top, haha. That that is a picture of her from the day we brought her home. Now I'm going to add one from recently. I still can't believe she was ever that small. Anyways she is doing great and we are so happy with her personality as it continues to develop.
Alright well I will either try to post again tonight or maybe wait till tomorrow and see how if I can play around with things and make it a little better!!!