Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Post!!!!

I'm starting this blog because there are so many things going on between the wedding, the new puppy, family, work, and it being summertime. I don't want to forget anything and I want to keep everyone updated that I do not get to talk to on a regular basis. The wedding is coming along great, we are going to be working on invitations on Friday with my Grandfather and Grandmother and I am so excited to see how the first couple turn out. I have started to get all the boxes organized so that each one holds the decorations for two of the reception tables. I also have been spray painting and putting together other ideas for decorations in the reception hall. We had a cake tasting with the women that usually does the cakes for the place that we are getting married at, however, we are trying a couple others because we are not sure she is exactly who we want yet.
The puppy is absolutely wonderful, she will be five months on July 5th. I can't believe how big she has gotten since we picked her up at the airport in April. I am going to try to add a picture, ahh my first one, let's see how it works. Okay well I got it to work but I can't figure out how to move it down so it is at the top, haha. That that is a picture of her from the day we brought her home. Now I'm going to add one from recently. I still can't believe she was ever that small. Anyways she is doing great and we are so happy with her personality as it continues to develop.
Alright well I will either try to post again tonight or maybe wait till tomorrow and see how if I can play around with things and make it a little better!!!

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